San Francisco is so beautiful away from the hotspots

Impressive street art, the best pizza in town and ancient sequoias: The San Francisco of insiders, far away from the hotspots, has a lot to offer. Our blogger Franziska will take you to the exciting city of the USA and show you the highlights. She also shows us an awesome website:

As a huge USA fan, I find the answer to the question about the most beautiful city in the United States quite difficult. But San Francisco is definitely at the top of the list of favorites. The hilly city in Northern California has such a special vibe that it casts a spell on almost everyone. In San Francisco people are more relaxed, the colors are more colorful and the parties are wilder. Allowed is what pleases. And no matter how crazy you may be yourself, you’ll always meet someone a little bit stranger than yourself. Read more here:

When you travel to San Francisco – make sure you wear comfortable shoes

But San Francisco has much more to offer than just an unusual party scene. Cultural highlights, a booming gastronomic scene and the extraordinarily beautiful location at the tip of the peninsula ensure that time in the city flies by.

San Francisco’s hotspots are known worldwide and there is hardly anyone who leaves the city without a visit to the prison island Alcatraz or a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Once you’ve scouted the typical highlights, it’s time to dive a little deeper into the heart of the city. That’s why I have a few tips on how you can explore San Francisco away from the hotspots.

Art on the wall – Insider Streetart Tour through San Francisco
A street art tour is always a good idea. Because it takes you away from the city’s glittering hotspots and into the very corners where you can experience the real San Francisco. In fact, there aren’t many cities in the world that offer more and better street art than San Francisco. You can find it almost everywhere in the city. But as is often the case here: the more run-down the neighborhood, the more impressive the street art. If you’re looking for street art, you should definitely avoid the big streets and dive into the smaller alleys instead.

One of the best places to go for street art is the hippie quarter Haight-Ashbury. Here you will find the most beautiful murals along Haight Street between the intersections of Stanyan Street and Central Avenue. San Francisco’s street art hotspots also include: 24th Street and the Latin Quarter Mission District, Balmy Alley, Cypress Street, Lilac Alley and Clarion Alley.

Must-sees for film lovers – famous film locations in San Francisco

Another way to explore the city is to take a tour of the locations of your favorite series and movies. This includes, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge, which is conspicuously often and gladly destroyed in blockbusters, for example in “Planet of the Apes – Revolution”, “Pacific Rim”, “Godzilla” or “Monsters vs.

If you prefer less action-packed, visit the famous “Tanner House” from the popular TV series “Full House” and the new edition of “Fuller House” on Broderick Street. Classics such as “Dirty Harry”, “Sister Act”, “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “The pursuit of happiness” were also filmed in San Francisco. In the Italian district of North Beach, you can visit the film locations of “The Godfather” and combine your visit with a delicious pizza.

Delizioso in North Beach – great insider for the best pizza in town
Pizza is a good keyword – the absolute best is of course in the Italian quarter North Beach. Unlike in most American cities, the locals don’t like to be called “Little Italy” here. In North Beach, one Italian restaurant follows the next. I have been here many times and I was never disappointed. The Italians simply know how to prepare good pasta, lasagne and antipasti. I got the tip for San Francisco’s best pizza quite by chance from a local: Tony’s Pizza Napoletana. Owner Tony Gemignani has already received many international awards for his Pizza Margherita.

Insider: Walking through giant trees – Muir Woods National Monument
The Muir Woods National Monument is located about 15 kilometers north of San Francisco. The conservation area in Marin County aims to preserve the last remaining specimens of the coastal redwood in the region. The giant tree is considered to be the tallest tree species on earth – it can grow over 110 metres high and can reach a trunk diameter of more than seven metres. The Muir Woods National Monument was founded in 1908 by President Theodor Roosevelt. The entrance fee is ten dollars.

At the Muir Woods National Monument there is a lot going on, especially on weekends. However, most of the visitors are only in the front area and on the main path of the protected area – the more remote hiking trails are mostly all for yourself. A nice tour starts for example at the Visitors Center and leads along the river through Founders Grove and Cathedral Grove. Continue along Fern Creek, known for its lush ferns and moss-covered fallen trees.

At the end of Fern Creek you will reach the Camp Alice Eastwood Trail. You can either continue along the trail or go back across the river after crossing the bridge. The largest coastal sequoias in the Muir Woods National Monument can be found in Bohemian Grove and Cathedral Grove.

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